Summer Camp!

For the parent of a special needs child, camp season can be a difficult one. We want our kids to have the camp experience, but camp staff is often not well trained for quirky or special needs kids. Many of our parents have had negative experiences with camps who have great programs for more typical kids, but little understanding of our kids.

Do we have a deal for you!

Just Right Academy will be offering three summer camps for elementary and middle school children. We will offer the same structure, consistency, positive reinforcement, behavioral feedback, reduced stress, and understanding that we do during the school year. We will also include light academics, movement, art, and lots of fun. Camps include

June 20-24 —Ancient Egypt: hieroglyphics, pharaohs, mummies! Egyptian science and math along with lots of art and time on the Egypt Playmobile set.

July 25-29 — Ancient Greece: do you enjoy Greek mythology? The Greeks gave so much to our society, language, architecture and literature. Come play and learn.

August 15-19 — Puppets! This camp will feature the amazing Tarish Pipkins, puppeteer extraordinaire. Campers will make puppets with recycled materials and write and produce a puppet show.

Camps run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, with aftercare available for an additional fee. Camps cost $300 a session. For a camp application, contact JRA administrator Claudia Kaplan at